Health check-ups are the major focus of our range of services. It is not for nothing that with over 49.000 health check-ups our practice clinic for diagnostics and preventive medicine belongs to the leading diagnostic centres in Germany.

Nevertheless, our doctors continue working as primary care internists. Therefore, there is also an internal naturopathic joint practice integrated into our practice clinic. If you wish, after a health check-up our doctors can also treat you further as family doctors.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) belongs to the oldest successfully methods in the world.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) belongs to the oldest successfully applied treatment methods in the world.

The diagnostics in Chinese medicine is carried out through observing and viewing the patient, or hearing and smelling, inquiring or also examining and touching.The central point in Chinese thinking concerning the nature is the idea of universal vital force, or vital energy, called Qi. Qi is the vital force of the nature that can be found inside of all living things. The presence of Qi in the human body is revealed through its effects and functions.


acupuncture points lie along the definite linesAcupuncture therapy represents one of the oldest treatment methods.

Through inserting the needles into certain points, either just on the ear or on the whole body, pains may be relieved or illnesses treated.

The acupuncture points lie along the definite lines, the so-called meridians, covering the whole body. According to the old Chinese concept, the so-called vital energy, divided into Ying and Yang, circles inside of these meridians. Due to the imbalance of these two parts, diseases may develop or become chronic.

The aim of acupuncture therapy is to restore the balance of vital energy in the organism.


Homeopathy is a scientific medicine without ideologically motivated or speculative elements.Definition and effectiveness:

Homeopathy represents a targeted medication treatment, which requires every care while choosing an exactly suitable medication for an individual with a special course of disease.

Homeopathy is a scientific medicine without ideologically motivated or speculative elements.

The choice of homeopathic remedy depends on the symptoms of medications, found through drug studies on healthy individuals and clinical observations, which has been published in homeopathic literature.


herbal medicine uses herbal remedies for the purpose of prevention, strengthening, preservation of health and healing.Phytotherapy, also called „herbal medicine“, uses herbal remedies for the purpose of prevention, strengthening, preservation of health and healing.

It represents one of the oldest healing methods and is applied in all cultures of the world.

In recent decades, due to the development of modern pharmacology, it has also been possible to make objective measurements and prove the numerous effects of medicinal herbs known empirically.

States of exhaustion, either physical or mental, are becoming more and more common.

We routinely measure the stress level of the body by determining the so-called oxidative stress (“free radicals”). We carry out this examination by means of a new analytical system. Regeneration methods, as for example, the oxygen multi-layer therapy after Prof. Ardenne, can be applied to treat the states of exhaustion.

  • Oxygen multi-layer therapy
  • Intestinal cleansing
  • Orthomolecular therapy
  • Autohaemotherapy
  • Biological cancer therapy

Oxidative stress, triggered by free radicals, is considered to be the cause of such diseases as heart attack or cancer, and also of the ageing process in general.

With the help of FRAS 4 system, we can measure the contamination by free radicals, as well as the biological antioxidative potential (BAP) within 6 minutes. Building on this, we will give you recommendations on healthy nutrition, sport, relaxation techniques and stress management.

Prolonged pains can, so to say, etch on the pain memory of the brain, so that the pains become chronic.

The patient still feels the pain, even if the cause of the pain has been eliminated. The increasing number of pain therapy centres in recent years shows that pain therapy is accepted today as a causal therapy.

  • Acupuncture
  • Magnetic field therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Neutral therapy
  • Biofeedback


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